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Homeowner Resources

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Connect to the HOA services and information you need, all in one place. From here you can make a payment, submit a maintenance request, access Association documents, contact your management team, and get answers to all your questions.

What Can We Help You With?

For your convenience, the following forms are available 24/7.

Submit A Maintenance Request

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Accounting Request

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Architectural Request Application

Provide a description of the request in detail and upload additional pages and drawings as necessary. Include type of materials to be used, color(s), dimensions of structure and location on lot, if applicable. Please submit a copy of your approved permit.

Upload your architectural request documents here, including blueprints, diagrams, etc. Allowed file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, doc, docx. Maximum filesize is 25MB.

Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, doc, docx, Max. file size: 25 MB.
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Event Submission

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Fee Waiver Request


By clicking submit I understand that my request will be reviewed by the community manager and Board of Directors and I will receive an email or mailed written response within 30 days of submittal. I understand that all Board decisions are final. Your submittal of this form does not relieve you of your responsibility to continue to make regular assessment payments and fee waiver requests submitted without payment of past due assessments are highly discouraged. If you do not receive a response within 30 days, please contact our office for an update: (480) 355-1190.

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Violation Complaint

Effective September 21, 2006, Arizona statue requires that a member who received a written notice that the member is in violation of the community documents may request certain information from the Association that includes: The first and last name of the person or persons who observed the violation.

When filled out and returned to the Association by mail or fax, this signed form will be made a part of the Association’s permanent record, and your name will be included in the Association’s response to the homeowner receiving the violation in the event he/she contests the violation as provided by A.R.S. 33‐1803 (Planned Communities) or A.R.S. 12‐1242 (Condominiums). The Association will take no action unless the form is filled out in full and signed. In the event that you choose not to provide your name and sign the form, management will attempt to confirm the alleged violation when conducting his/her regular tour of the community. If you submit a picture of the violation, management may act as the observer and issue a letter. If a complaint is made against several Lots/Units, please use a separate form for each Lot/Unit.

Type of violation(Required)
Type of violation*

Please describe the violation which has led to this complaint in the space following; in the event you checked parking, please provide vehicle make, model, color and license plate number. If you checked other please explain below:

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Rental Property Registration

Rental property information:

Owner Information

*If the property is owned by a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, limited partnership, trust or real estate investment trust; please enter the information below for any of the following officers:

  • For a corporation, a corporate officer.
  • For a partnership, a general partner.
  • For a limited liability company, the managing or administrative member.

Tenant Information

MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY
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Vendor Application

AZCMS is always looking to develop relationships with vendors that share our commitment of service and quality.

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Document Request

For your convenience, frequently requested Association documents are available by filling out this quick form. If it isn’t listed here, simply select “Other” and let us know what document you’re looking for.

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Frequently Asked Questions

AZCMS was founded in 2006 and has over forty years of combined experience managing HOA’s that include condominiums, single family, master planned communities, mixed-use developments, and commercial associations.

AZCMS does not own any ancillary businesses that provide services to your Association. As your agent we feel that it is in the best interest of the Association to obtain competitive bids. We will then assist the community in selecting the best value and service whether it means contracting with an outside vendor or hiring on-site staff.

Most importantly, we understand that the HOA business is a people business. And while we are large enough to provide the expertise to successfully manage communities, our size and “people-first” orientation give us a style and flexibility that is truly unique.

We also feel it is our responsibility to take a leadership position – getting the work done, then reporting to the Board on all that has been accomplished. That way, Board Members don’t have to be engaged in day-to-day operations unless they choose to be. We serve Boards in whatever manner best suits their working style.

It is a company policy that each AZCMS staff member attends continuing education courses through our affiliations with Community Association Institute (CAI) and Arizona Association Community Management (AACM). Our senior leadership team is one of the best in the business and provides training classes to Boards in our training room. We also extend invitations to our Board Members to attend legal seminars and lunches with us.

Homeowners have the ability to make payments by mail to the association lock box; online using a debit card, credit card, e-check; enrolling in the auto debit program with AZCMS; initiating payment through their own online bill pay provider; dropping off payments to the AZCMS office or on-site if applicable.

Our technology streamlines communication between the Board, residents and management. AZCMS offers web based real-time access to information. Portals allow residents to view and print account activity in addition to the ability for them to pay online. Staff is always available to email, fax or mail account history.

Communication is key to the motivation of collecting assessments. People are more likely to voluntarily pay into something when they see results. We recommend that all Boards communicate with residents frequently about improvements or plans for future improvements no matter how small.

In this economy it is also important to keep in constant contact with homeowners. We do this in accordance with the collection policy however we continue to communicate with homeowners at every chance we get.

Many management companies only employ “bookkeepers” to manage their clients’ finances. AZCMS is a firm believer in employing highly educated accounting personnel.

We are committed to making sure Board Members understand the financial status of their community. Financial reports are sent out systematically each month to all of our Associations whether or not there is a meeting. We send out all supporting documentation, including bank statements, with the financials and take the time to condense information into easy-to-read reports. Our Controller is available to clients and enjoys any opportunity to meet with Boards throughout the year.

We are extremely proud of our excellent customer service. We take the time to listen, offer suggestions and most importantly educate. HOA’s must govern themselves in accordance to the documents however most homeowners do not have that level of understanding. Once they understand they are more likely to try and be part of the solution.

First and foremost, it is important that the Board Members understand the importance of leading by example. Violations can quickly become “contagious”. It is no surprise that the same is often true of compliance and cooperation. Again, homeowner education is key to any successful compliance program.

In addition we provide monthly compliance reports to the Board reflecting all recent activity.

We are extremely dedicated to making sure the Board understands the financial status of the community. Financial reports are sent out systematically each month to all of our associations whether or not there is a meeting. We send out all supporting documentation to include bank statements with the financials and take the time to condense information into easy to read reports. Our controller is available to you and would love the opportunity to meet with the Board throughout the year.

The budget process is extremely important to every community. The decisions that a Board makes today may benefit or ultimately devastate a community several years down the road. It is important to understand the fiduciary duty that each Board Member has the obligation to abide. We conduct all the preliminary research and construct a recommendation to the Board using the past trends and information we know about the future. We then work together to make sure the budget is finalized into a plan for a successful year.

There is no question that our dedication to employee education is unique within this industry. In the state of Arizona there are no educational requirements placed on Community Managers – think about what that means to your community.

AZCMS has made an educational investment both in our employees and in Community Associations throughout the valley. At a national level, the highest certification is that of a Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM®). Currently there are more than 2,000 PCAM’s nationwide with fewer than 120 of them in Arizona. We are proud to say that our team members currently hold this certification. In addition, we require all of our managers to obtain certifications at a state level. Hire a company that invests in their employees and you’ll have one that also invests in your community.

Selecting a management company is an important decision. Many times we hear Board Members talk about the financial element of a proposal rather than the service benefits to the community. You must make sure that the services and level of experience and education that each firm is offering is carefully considered. We place a great deal of importance and value on the education of our managers and you should too. We all rely on educated professionals in our personal lives whether it is a CPA for our tax preparations or a lawyer for legal advice.

Why would you consider anybody other than highly educated professionals to manage one of your biggest investments? Remember that the price of management is a single line item, while the price of poor management affects the entire budget.